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Brazilian company continues to leverage IRC to support business expansion

IRC Brazil first engaged with one of the world’s most unique producers of coconut water and related by-products in 2014. The first contact initiated by Brazil led to a CFO search that has since led to 7 cross-border search assignments with IRC partners in 4 countries.

Aurantiaca - A group of happy people innovatively doing the right thing in the right way.

Aurantiaca is an agribusiness concern owned by New York-based investors that is focused on the cultivation and production of coconut and related by-products. They were founded in 2006 with an initial investment of $300M USDs and is comprised of 4 farms on 14,800 acres and 450K trees producing 90M coconuts per year. The investment included a state of the art plant to extract coconut water in the Bahia region of Northeastern Brazil.

Recent expansion to North America

IRC Brazil solidified the relationship after successfully placing a CFO for Aurantiaca in Brazil. Hamilton Teixeira, IRC Brazil then introduced the IRC alliance to Aurantiaca to assist in supporting their expansion into North America and Europe. Most recently, Aurantiaca requested continued IRC support in their North America expansion via search assignments for two Regional Sales Directors (one in the Northeastern US and the other in the Southeastern US).

Given the urgency and locality of the assignments, Aurantiaca wanted to engage two IRC firms. Sylvia MacArthur of IRC Canada and Warren Carter of IRC USA collaborated on the pitch to ensure that IRC was represented consistently in pricing, timing and deliverables.
Warren and Sylvia collaborated very closely throughout the process to include participating jointly in all briefing sessions, coordinating the development of a consistent position description and candidate marketing document as well as a consistent approach to client deliverables.
Both search assignments were successfully completed and IRC Canada has begun an additional search in Canada as Aurantiaca has elected to expand the Obrigado brand into Canada.

IRC Canada presented a slate of 6 candidates representing a diverse group including 2 women, 1 African American, 2 seasoned Caucasian prospects and one outlier candidate – a very young “high potential”. Initial interviews by Aurantiaca’s COO – Angelo Veiga led to 3 of the candidates being flown to California. This slate of candidates presented Angelo with the best possible problem – which was that he wanted to hire all 3 candidates.
Angelo explored hiring one of the three candidates in a parallel role in another regional market but the candidate was not able to relocate. He offered the seasoned male the Director role for NE USA and created and offered a new role to the young high potential candidate. Unfortunately, the young candidate was counter offered by his current employer and declined – however – they continue to keep in touch for the future. Aurantiaca was very pleased with the process and engaged IRC Canada to conduct a similar search in Canada which has also successfully closed.

IRC USA (San Diego/Atlanta) presented a diverse slate of 7 candidates to include: 4 experienced Caucasian males, 1 Hispanic male, 1 Caucasian female and 1 African American male. After Skype interviews, the client elected to fly 4 candidates to California and New York for final interviews. The Caucasian female was selected as the finalist and gave verbal acceptance just prior to the Christmas holiday break, however, requested more time before confirming acceptance to better understand how an unexpected personal situation on family’s health would impact her. Aurantiaca provided 3 weeks to allow her time to reflect on what to do and she ultimately declined due to this problem. The African American male, strategically located in the center of the southeastern US with 27 years of sales leadership experience in beverages was ultimately offered the role and he accepted.

IRC Global Executive Search Partners provided us with excellent candidates which made it difficult to choose just one, so much so, that we created an additional position and made offers to four instead of the three we engaged them for. We have hired both Directors and Managers from four IRC recruiting firms and are very pleased and satisfied with their performance.
Angelo Veiga  (Chief Operating Officer – Aurantiaca USA)

Key success factors

  1. Constant presence of IRC partners throughout the process.
  2. Constant and updated interchanging of information between IRC Canada, IRC USA and IRC Brazil to ensure that the projects were running in sync.
  3. Hamilton Teixeira’s advisory influence relative to aspects of Brazilian business culture and related expectations.
  4. A unified focus, discipline and persistence across borders coupled with trust, professionalism, responsiveness and camaraderie which is at the very heart of the IRC alliance.

IRC - Aurantiaca

Track record of success since 2014

  • 2018 - NEW
    IRC USA, QualiFind executed SE USA Sales Director search, 2018 IRC Canada executed NE USA Sales Director search, 2018
    IRC Canada executed Canada Sales Director search, 2018
  • 2017
    IRC Netherlands executed EU Finance Manager search IRC Netherlands executed EU Brand Manager search
  • 2016
    IRC USA, Saenger Associates executed Marketing Mgr. Search
  • 2015
    IRC Netherlands executed VP Sales & Marketing/Europe search IRC USA, Saenger Associates executed GM USA search
    IRC Netherlands executed Research/Project Manager search
  • 2014
    IRC Brazil developed Aurantiaca relationship through a contact IRC Brazil executed CFO search for Brazil HQ

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Hamilton Teixeira

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Warren Carter

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Gary L. Saenger

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Sylvia MacArthur

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Patrick Westerburger

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