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Gurdeep S. Hora

Gurdeep founded IRC India (Synergy Consultants) in 1989 and is amongst the pioneers of professional Executive Search practices and processes in India. He continues to help in discreet Executive Search of leadership talent to Fortune500 & top Indian companies across India, Middle East & Africa.
He has worked in many countries as CEO and COO, leading business operations and consulting. He has visited hundreds of plants and corporate offices across the world, understanding and closely observing the management styles and working of hundreds of organizations in the Americas, the Continent, Asia and Middle East, apart from the Indian sub-continent. An Electrical & Electronics Engineer from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) with MBA post graduations in Management & Company law, all from Delhi, he is a regular speaker in seminars on India & conferences on Talent acquisition, growth, and retention.
He is an expert in the "human resource management and technology integration" issues and has done pioneering work in the Benchmarking of Best Practices in areas of Performance Management, Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies, and Compensation & Rewards etc. He is often called upon to speak and organize initiatives through seminars, conference-deliberations or strategic interventions in these areas.
He has been a member of the HR-Experts Committees of many Industry Bodies, an Invitee Member of the prestigious IIT Senate, a past President of the IIT Alumni Association, advisor to many Think Tanks, Business Programmes & Schools, a creative writer and speaker, an innovative thinker and a patient guide and trainer.
Gurdeep is the Regional Leader for IRC Asia Pacific.

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+9111 4313 8601