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Grace Abella-Zata

Grace is the President of IRC Philippines (the CESI group). She articulates the vision and value proposition of the companies under the group to ensure that philosophies, service lines and practices are sharply attuned to the evolving needs of business, while remaining true to the core values of integrity and professionalism, excellence, customer orientation and teamwork. Her professionalism expertise is in job/person organization fit and human resource planning and acquisition. For many years, she taught graduate courses in Human Resources Management. She also conducts trainings and workshops on competency-based interviewing, executive teambuilding, strategic planning and the balanced scorecard and is often invited to speak on HR topics in conferences. She has provided leadership in research and thought leadership in the human resources management field and was president of the People Management Association of the Philippines in 2009. She has a Masters Degree in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management and majored in Psychology in her undergraduate studies in University of the Philippines. Together with her husband Vir, she remains an active and committed member of the Marriage Preparation Foundation (Discovery Weekend).

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