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The world of professional services firms is rapidly growing, both in developed economies and in those where development is newer and happening with the growth they are experiencing along with their clients. Many of the professional services firms have become or are becoming global in their geographic scope. Increasing use of technology facilitates a 24/7 approach to client service both by our clients for their own service models as well as the service we can provide through IRC Global Executive Search Partners. Time zones drop away and our service meetings occur whether it is night in one part of the world whilst day in another! General management such as CEOs, Vice Presidents/Directors of Operations, HR, CFOs, Directors of IT or client-facing practitioners such as sales and client service professionals are all included in our service model scope.

Practice Leaders

Manveet S. Hora

Manveet S. Hora

Asia Pacific Practice Leader

Sylvia MacArthur

Sylvia MacArthur

Americas Practice Leader


Retain and rebuild to brave the storm

If there’s anything we’ve learned from crises since the Great Depression, it’s that companies that choose to transform and innovate are those that will continue to thrive and grow. A study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) showed that companies that invested significantly in innovation delivered 4% higher shareholder value when the economy recovered from 2007 – 2012.

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